Goldfish Productions is based in country, NSW Australia, between Bungendore & Braidwood, although Christopher Paul Maher who founded Goldfish in 2000, grew up in the Blue Mountains, Sydney. 

Christopher made his first film when he was fourteen, an experimental film with a camera he hired from a local rental store for twenty four hours. From this moment on Christopher has worked tirelessly to fashion his own film and photographic legacies.

Christopher gained a Bachelor of Arts from the Australian National University in Film Theory, European post-war Cinema, English Literature and History in 1997. It was here that he was introduced to some of his greatest influences, including Goddard, Malle, Menzel, Wenders, Fellini, Rossellini, Chaplin, Wilder, Welles and of course Hitchcock, who Christopher cites as his greatest influence.

Christopher's initial idea for Goldfish Productions was to support and promote the voice of young filmmakers and photographers and to give them the opportunity to work and practice their art within and with the support of an established production company.  Christopher has always encouraged the participation of young and upcoming artists and filmmakers,   with the assitance and help of Goldfish Productions.   He was an English, Film & Media Studies teacher for over 13 years in Colleges and Universities all across Australia and has had constant experience working with young people of all ages.

Christopher completed his first feature film 'A Touch of Courage The Enlightenment' in 2007.  He has also completed shorts including 'The Man in the Black Sock' (2009) 'London Bridge' (2012), 'Epitaph' (2005) & 'Nobody Can Live on Treacle Alone' (2012) and 'Clouds in Disguise' (2015).   

Christopher is an experienced writer, director, editor and sound designer, and enjoys the challenge of perfecting his art in all of these fields.  He has never received any financial support or backing, using his own money, to produce his stories, films and photography and he has always continued to strive to ensure the best possible art with what he has.  

Christopher has never given up on his artistic endeavours, despite being diagnosed with chronic depression and nervous anxiety in 2010.  He supports wholeheartedly the Australian organisation 'Beyond Blue' and endeavours to give back to them for all the support they have shown him over the last 10 years.

​​​Goldfish Productions and Christopher are proud to announce a new feature film, 'The Boe Sisters' due for release sometime in 2019.

Through the Lens
Photographic Showeel
2000 - 2018

Clouds in Disguise
Showreel 2005 - 2018

Christopher Maher

Photograph by Asher Floyd

©goldfish productions 2018